River Crossings

Numerous river crossings have been performed installing utilities under environmentally sensitive waterways. All types of utility pipelines, electric power and telecommunications conduits can be installed in all types of subsurface ground conditions.

Beach Approach

Our beach approach technique features drilling from land out to sea. This is now oftentimes used to install conduit designed to receive ocean utility cables. ECI is an industry leader in this underground construction technique.

Rock Formation

Rock drilling poses many challenges for HDD. ECI has succeeded drilling through rock formations containing extreme rock hardness. ECI utilizes specialized mud motors and additional rock tooling to install a wide variety of utility pipelines and conduit.

Radius Lateral Turns

Tight radius lateral turns are possible using sophisticated horizontal directional drilling techniques. Our design and drilling can encompass compound radii In these situations.


Our sensitive wetland areas are preserved and protected using HDD. We accomplished a distance world record for our directional drilling under wildlife preserve and wetland areas.